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Werewolf Academy: The Elites (Year One)

Same school, same professors.

New students, loves, secrets, and lies.

I’m Ashleigh Windsor, Werewolf Academy’s newest freshman and one of the Elites.

As an Elite, my life was already planned before I was born. After graduation, I’ll inherit the Windsor pack, but I can’t lead it alone. I have to pick a mate and not just any mate. He has to be an Elite, too.

There are four Elite guys to choose from: Nate Lockwood, Jameson Edwards, Andrew Ryan, and Kyle Tate. They’re all hot as hell, but there’s one problem. I can’t stand them. The Elites walk around campus like they own the place, and they pretty much do. Everyone treats them like they’re the kings of Werewolf Academy.

I have to push my feelings about them aside for now. I have just four years to make one of them fall for me, or the Windsor pack and my family’s legacy will cease to exist.

Werewolf Academy: The Elites (Year One) is a YA paranormal reverse harem romance recommended for ages 17+. Although there are brand new characters, the Darken pack makes an appearance in this sub-series.

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