First Moon (The Koto Chronicles #1)

After living in Alaska with the Koto pack her whole life, Skye’s so over it. The Koto pack is too old-school and Skye would do anything to leave the pack’s traditions behind so she can experience the human world. When her pack decides to establish a new chapter of the pack in New Jersey, SkyeContinue reading “First Moon (The Koto Chronicles #1)”

Black Magic (Howl Series Book 4)

Black Magic has a new cover! Though her grandfather’s legendary talisman is in the hands of her biggest enemy, Samara McKinley and the pack have even more important issues to deal with right now—like finding out how to fight against the black magic Jason Masterson is using. Will they overcome the obstacles they face alongContinue reading “Black Magic (Howl Series Book 4)”

Nightshade Vampire Academy Book 1: Fae Blood

Nightshade Vampire Academy Book 1: Fae Blood got a cover revamp! Ghosts aren’t real. At least, that’s what I used to believe. But then I summoned him from the dead. Noah is one part evil and one part sexy AF. And his friends are, too. That one fateful night changed everything. Now I’m a vampire,Continue reading “Nightshade Vampire Academy Book 1: Fae Blood”

Blood Moon (Howl Series Book 2)

Blood Moon (Howl Series Book 2) got a new cover! Samara McKinley hasn’t even had time to adjust to being a shape shifter when her werewolf gene makes things even more complicated. Samara knew when she decided to become an Ima that there would be consequences. Things with her friends and family become tenser, andContinue reading “Blood Moon (Howl Series Book 2)”