Tiger Shifter Academy: Year One

Tiger Shifter Academy: Year One

Four sexy tiger shifters want to claim me as their mate.
But someone else already has.

I’m Lily McCoy, and I just discovered I’m a tiger shifter.

Well… sort of.

When four hot tigers drag me to Tiger Shifter Academy, I know nothing about my tiger blood. But I soon find myself tangled up in a world I never knew existed, and I quickly learn I have a secret that threatens to destroy everything, including my spot at the Academy.

I just need to get through this year without anyone figuring out the truth, but that’s a lot easier said than done. It looks like I have more enemies on this campus than I ever could have imagined.

Then there’s the fact that the guys who brought me here—Liam, Mason, Travis, and Cruz—all want to make me their mate. The feeling is mutual. In order for me to become mated to them, they have to place their marks on me.

There’s just one problem.

Someone else already has.

Now that they’re onto me, I have to trust them to keep my secret. And it’s a big one to keep. If the Headmaster finds out the truth about who and what I really am, I won’t just be expelled.

I’ll be a dead kitty.

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