Shifter Academy: Year One Audiobook

Monsters aren’t real.

At least, that’s what I thought…until I found out I am one.

Well, I’m a shifter, which is the closest thing to a monster.

Now, I’m headed to Shifter Academy, the world’s most prestigious boarding school for werewolves, lion shifters, tiger shifters, fox shifters, werebears, and more.

But from my first day at the Academy, it’s clear that I don’t belong here.

For starters, I can’t shift. #FML.

Then there’s the fact that no one knows what type of shifter I am.

I’m also rocking this ugly tattoo that’s supposed to identify my shifter race, but no one even understands what it means.

But I would be lying if I told you everything at Shifter Academy is bad. The Alpha Brotherhood – Rafael, Damon, Ezra, and Harden – are a nice distraction.

And trust me when I say I need a distraction from the mean girls on campus and the anonymous stalker who’s trying to get to me – someone who seems to be getting closer every day.

The worst part of it all? Once we begin to figure out what type of shifter I am, I learn something else, too.

I might not even survive my first shift.

Narrated by the amazingly talented Mamie Parris.

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