Forever Bound (The Sherwood Wolves #11)

Everything is about to change as the Sherwood Wolves embark on new adventures.

*This was originally intended to be the conclusion of the Sherwood Wolves series, but the characters decided they have one more story to tell. This is now the second to last book in the series.

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3 thoughts on “Forever Bound (The Sherwood Wolves #11)”

  1. I loved the sherwood wolves series, have all 10 so far, they were all excellent to read, loved all the characters and found the more I read the more excited I was. Cause you didn’t know what to expect, and what was going to happen next I have all the koto series, the Howl series plus many more. I bought all my Ebooks of this series with kobo. When I heard there was another book 11 of this series called Forever Bound – out now I was so excited jumping up and down, but my heart sunk that it was only out through kindle amazon,so disappointed & cried. SO when will you be able to put it on kobo again. I only have kobo, I can download some Ebooks through my pc to my kobo sd card. So is there any way you can help me please to obtain a copy of this book desperately want to see what happens next. From your great fan. Katie Nelson.


    1. Hi Katie,

      I’m sorry that I haven’t answered sooner. I’ve been very busy.

      We made the decision to go exclusive with Amazon. Many of our readers have made the decision to download the Kindle app to their phone or computer. We know that this decision didn’t benefit everyone, unfortunately. But being a part of the Kindle Unlimited program allowed us to extend our reach to more readers. The book will be available in the very near future in paperback through Amazon. Due to the inconvenience, we would love to send you a free paperback if you’re located in the US. Let us know if you are interested!


      1. No I don’t live in the US, I live in Australia, plus I don’t read paperbacks, I only read Ebooks. Thanks for helping a long time fan wanting to buy your books, not only me but other fans who also buy your books from kobo. 👋


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