Series List (Text Only)

(in alphabetical order)

Blood and Thorns

Book 1: Frostbite

Book 2: Frostfire

Book 3: Firestarter

Demon Blood Academy

Term One

Term Two

Dragon Mates

#1: Dragon Touched (link)

#2: Dragon Cursed (on pre-order)

Howl Series

Book 1: Howl

Book 2: Blood Moon

Book 3: Wolfsbane

Book 4: Black Magic

Book 5: Marked

Book 6: Cursed

Book 7: A Girl and her Wolf

Howl: The Complete Series

Magic Valley

#1: The Witch’s Fake Boyfriend (link)

Mate Academy

Year One (on pre-order) (link)

Nightshade Vampire Academy

Book 1: Fae Blood

Book 2: Faerie Sworn

Paranormal Academy

Book 1: Magic 101 (link)

Book 2: Wings and Charms (link)

Book 3: Elemental Blood (link)

Book 4: Spells and Pixie Dust (link)

Book 5: Fire and Ice (on pre-order) (link)

Shifter Academy

Year One

Year Two

Year Three

Year Four (on pre-order)

Siren’s Lullaby

#1: Surface

#2: Captivate

#3: Enchant

#4: Serenade

Tiger Shifter Academy

Year One

Year Two (on pre-order) (link)

The Blackwood Wolves

Book 1: Lone Wolf

Book 2: Wolf Queen (link)

The Koto Chronicles

#1: First Moon

#2: Haunted

#3: Midnight Kiss

#4: Dark Awakenings

#5: Last Goodbye

The Midnight Valley Vampires

Book One: A Touch of Deadly

The Sherwood Wolves

#1: Wolfbound (link)

#2: Starcrossed

#3: Shadow Creatures

#4: Bloodsworn

#5: Soul Torn

#6: Devil’s Falls

#7: Shattered

#8: Fated

#9: Reawakened

#10: Blood Enemies

#11: Forever Bound

#12: Mate Bound (on pre-order)

The Witches of Shadow Hill

#1: Ignite

#2: Burn

#3: Scorch

Vampire Kingdom

Book 1: Prince of Vampires

Book 2: Mark of Blood

Book 3: Twist of Tides

Book 4: Spell of Love

Book 5: Game of Blood

Book 6 (Novella): Witch of Deadwood

Werewolf Academy

Year One

Year Two

Year Three

Year Four

Werewolf Academy:

The Elites

Year One (on pre-order) (link)