The Koto Chronicles

First Moon (The Koto Chronicles #1)

After living in Alaska with the Koto pack her whole life, Skye’s so over it. The Koto pack is too old-school and Skye would do anything to leave the pack’s traditions behind so she can experience the human world. When her pack decides to establish a new chapter of the pack in New Jersey, Skye…

Haunted (The Koto Chronicles #2)

Skye moved away from Alaska to explore the human world and find her mate. Everything’s put on hold when she discovers there’s a killer in her new town. They killed one of her best friends… and Skye might be next, but everyone thinks she might be the killer. On top of it all, she finds…

About the Authors

Jayme Morse & Jody Morse love to write about werewolves, vampires, shifters, and all things magical.

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