Paranormal Academy

Welcome to Paranormal Academy, a boarding school for the world’s most elite witches, fairies, vampires, shifters, and other paranormal beings.

At the Academy, there are five rules everyone should follow:
1. Don’t go out after curfew.
2. Stay away from the Vixen, the school’s secret sorority.
3. Never go into the Enchanted Forest alone.
4. Professors are completely off-limits.
5. Don’t get involved with dark magic users.

Well, rules are meant to be broken.

Werewolf Academy

Four sexy wolves stand between me and my sworn enemy.
I can join them at Werewolf Academy… or die.

Nightshade Vampire Academy

Ghosts aren’t real.

At least, that’s what I used to believe.

But then I summoned him from the dead.

Noah is one part evil and one part sexy AF. And his friends are, too.

That one fateful night changed everything.

Now I’m a vampire, and I have to attend Nightshade Vampire Academy… and I hate it.

Tiger Shifter Academy

Four sexy tiger shifters want to claim me as their mate.
But someone else already has.

Howl Series

One girl.

Two packs.

Where does she belong?

Fae Academy

I’m Lola Periwinkle, newest student of Fae Academy and future Queen of the Water Fae.
Well… maybe.

I may be a fae princess, but I’ve never been the next in line to rule the Water Kingdom. But that all changed when my brother was murdered. Now it’s up to me to become the next Queen of the Water Fae, or my wicked aunt will ascend the throne.

There’s just one problem.

Before I can take the throne, the Fae Court requires two things:
1). I must attend Fae Academy for three years; and
2). I must choose a King by my eighteenth birthday.

No pressure, right?

The Sherwood Wolves

My life isn’t supposed to be this complicated.
At least, that’s what I thought… until I met Jax.

When my new neighbor Jax Sherwood shows up at my door, I’m instantly drawn to him. He’s hot AF and mysterious. But there’s something else, too.

There’s a magnetic-like energy between us, unlike anything I’ve ever felt before.

When a series of strange events happen, it seems like there’s only one thing that links them altogether: Jax and his family arriving in town. Little did I know, I wasn’t imagining it.

Jax has a secret, one that affects both of us. And it will change everything.

He’s a werewolf.

The Koto Chronicles

After living in Alaska with the Koto pack her whole life, Skye’s so over it. The Koto pack is too old-school and Skye would do anything to leave the pack’s traditions behind so she can experience the human world.

When her pack decides to establish a new chapter of the pack in New Jersey, Skye finally gets her chance to explore the world and find her mate—but her best friend and the only guy she’s ever had feelings for up until now wants to follow her.

Skye is allowed to go to school for the first time in her life, but soon finds that making human friends and fitting into a world she knows little about is a lot harder than she thought it would be.

She has more to worry about than school, though. Her pack has just welcomed new members who may be murderers.