Dragon Mates

A princess isn’t supposed to fall for pirates.
But she finds herself falling for five…

Princess Kaya has always been warned of the pirates: lying, stealing villains who would kill her if they ever got their hands on her. She’s never been allowed to go to the ocean, and she’s always obeyed by the rules… until that night. The night she’s kidnapped by pirates.

Kaya thinks the pirates want to hold her for ransom, but little does she know, they want her for reasons far greater than money. They aren’t human and, thanks to an age-old curse, they need her more than she realizes.

As it turns out, Kaya needs them, too. Each of the pirates – Luke, Finn, Collin, Bash, and Jack – offers something she craves. All five of the pirates want her, too. There’s just one problem.

In the end, she can only choose one.

Embark on a journey with pirates, dragons, mermaids, sea witches, and more in Book 1 of the Pirates of the Inferno Sea series.