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  • Audiobook: Paranormal Academy: Magic 101

    February 12, 2022 by

    Welcome to Paranormal Academy, a boarding school for the world’s most elite witches, fairies, vampires, shifters, and other paranormal beings. At the Academy, there are five rules everyone should follow:1. Don’t go out after curfew.2. Stay away from the Vixen, the school’s secret sorority.3. Never go into the Enchanted Forest alone.4. Professors are completely off-limits.5.… Read more

  • Haunted (The Koto Chronicles #2)

    January 14, 2022 by

    Skye moved away from Alaska to explore the human world and find her mate. Everything’s put on hold when she discovers there’s a killer in her new town. They killed one of her best friends… and Skye might be next, but everyone thinks she might be the killer. On top of it all, she finds… Read more

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