I almost died, until he saved me.

I wasn’t born a vampire. Someone chose that life for me.

Now I’m stuck attending Nightshade Vampire Academy, the school every new vampire is required to attend.

The one new vampire who’s not here? My best friend who was turned with me. She hasn’t stepped foot on campus.

But who I can’t stop running into? The guy who turned me. The guy who I declared my sworn enemy the day he sank his fangs into me. But I can’t help but notice how much he makes my blood boil… in a good way.

Even if I wanted to stay away from him, I couldn’t. I’m his blood-mate. And I’m not just his…

Tristan, Slade, and Julius are my mates, too… and they don’t seem too happy about it.

They want me to join The Nightshades.

Hell week is here.

If I don’t join, I’ll never be able to tap into my magic abilities.

But in order to join, I have to do something I swore I’d never do.

Class is in session.